Regular maintenance

Working with directors and owners where appropriate we will appoint gardeners, cleaners and other suppliers. These will usually be linked to a specification setting out what work is required, where and when.


We will issue the demands to each owner / leaseholder according to the terms of the lease or transfer of part. We will monitor payments and follow up arrears effectively and use debt recovery agents where necessary.


We will prepare the annual budget having regard to the estate running costs and where available we will have regard to the previous year’s expenditure.

Many estates have individual budget and accounting needs with special requirements to heed.

Site Visits and recording

We look to visit each estate once per month. This may be a brief walk around or to deal with a specific issue. We will take a record of each third visit, therefore looking to keep a record of our visits every quarter. This would be in a form and uploaded on to our database accessible to the directors.

Cyclical / One off maintenance, repairs and improvements

There will be major works required and when these are necessary we will work with the directors and owners to ensure a clear specification is drawn up and used to tender to. We will look to get tenders from similar sized companies and contractors, with relevant experience and knowledge.

Legal Packs and sales support